Inner 0.30 x 100mm (4 Inch) x 30md x3600ml (400yds)
Wall1.5x12 x 450mm (18 Inch) x 5.5md x300ml

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£72.00 Inc VAT

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The following trammel is suitable for

  Twine Size Mesh Size (mm) Mesh Deep Mesh long
Inner 0.30 100 30 3600
Wall 1.5x12 450 5.5 300
Fishing Length :- 100Yds Fishing Depth :- 6.5 Ft

A bit about trammels.
The traditional trammel net has changed dramatically over the last few years. One of these changes is that many specifications are now available with the walls taped to the inner mesh (Kit Trammel).
These nets are suitable for both machine and hand rigging. They are quicker to rig than gill nets because you don?t even have to count the meshes! The tape soon washes off leaving the walls hanging on the staples or the walls can be locked to the ropes as with conventional trammel rigging.
Any of the nets can be supplied rigged and the range includes nets suitable for anchoring ,bottom drifting and mid-water drifting.


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