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Guy Cotten Isotop Smock

The only top to be worn over a 150 N lifejacket (Secubib/Alterna)
The Isotop does not restrict the expansion of the life jacket when inflation occurs.
Worn like a standard Guy Cotten smock or Jacket, it also protects the lifejacket from damage when at work because the an inflatable lifejacket does not if it is damaged or punctured.

FABRIC:- Nylpeche fabric on front, Cap-Coz fabric on shoulders and back.

More comfort and safety thanks to two great innovations,
the MAGIC HOOD and the ISOLATECH system

Magic Hood

Wide Angle vision at all times for improved safety.
The MAGIC HOOD still protects you as much, if not more than before, but it does not obstruct your vision.
Thanks to its adjustable sides, the MAGIC HOOD fits the face exactly.

  • No Water ingress on sides.
  • The hood is always well adjusted without being too tight.
  • The hood can not be blown back with a sudden gust of wind.
  • It is possible to wear a helmet under the MAGIC HOOD.

    One two three, it's done!
    1/ Close and adjust your garment.
    2/ Tighten both sides of the hood.
    3/Adjust the back tie and conceal it inside its housing.

    The MAGIC HOOD does not only fit your head perfectly and comfortably, it also provides an unequalled
    ease of movement.
    The MAGIC HOOD offers more efficiency, more safety and more comfort!

    Insulation technique...

    Condensation is a natural phenomenon that occurs inside traditional waterproofs as soon
    as there is a difference in temperature between the outside and the inside of the garment.
    Our ISOLATECH SYSTEM is using the double glazing principle. An insulating membrane
    covers all the body parts in contact with the jacket : shoulders, chest and top of the back.
    The condensation is greatly reduced!

  • Dispatch Time
    Usually dispatched within 2-3 working days.